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Fresh Faces

Having a hard time finding motivation to work out? Team up with some fresh faces and help push one another through the workout. Make friends with those on the same mission as yourself while holding each other accountable.

Fresh Air

Tired of being confined to a gym or your house for your workouts? Take advantage of the beautiful weather we have here in Los Angeles. Nothing better than getting outside to burn some calories in the fresh air.

Fresh Workouts

Have you hit a plateau with your results? Not seeing a change in your body can be very discouraging and not having a structured plan only makes it worse. Come experience the variety of exercise routines we offer, which keeps shocking your body to avoid hitting plateaus.

Results Guaranteed

We provide all of the pieces to the fitness puzzle for you. All you have to do is follow the program and get amazing results like our members.

Jason has revolutionized my expectations on what a personal trainer is all about. His unique blend of knowledge of the human body, inside and out, brings what I believe is a winning approach to not only physical fitness and training but complete lifestyle training that will improve the rest of my life. When I finally became serious about improving my health and fitness, I wasn’t sure where to begin. I knew I was interested in finding more than just a paid appointment to motivate me to show up and work out. I wanted to make lasting changes across the board in my overall health and fitness. If you’re wanting to hit the restart button on your overall health and fitness, I don’t think you can find any better!
I never fully realised my potential until I started training with Jason. He designed sessions to develop my stamina and strength to reduce the chance of injury. These early sessions were also an opportunity for Jason to introduce proper training techniques. With time and only when we both were confident in my abilities, workouts became varied and the challenges increased. He introduced plyometrics to increase my speed and agility. I appreciate the way he does research to find the most developed techniques for sports training or the workshops he attends with world class trainers to educate himself. Because of Jason, I’ve come out fitter, faster and stronger with newly minted confidence and an overwhelming ability to hurdle over any challenge!


Are you tired of repeatedly making the same mistakes and never reaching your fitness goals?

Nowadays there are so many crazy crash diets out there that people attempt to follow to lose weight quickly, but in the long run end up doing more damage to our bodies and we quickly gain that weight back, if not more. Sound like you? Don’t worry, you’re not the only one. A majority of the population that struggles to lose weight or decrease their body fat percentage is missing the most important piece to the puzzle… hmmm what do you think that is? Yes, N-U-T-R-I-T-I-O-N. The foods you consume on a daily basis are 80% of your results. Not only does nutrition play a vital role in maintaining bodily functioning and fighting off diseases, but it is also the #1 determining factor if you lose weight or not.

So, if nutrition is 80% of your results on whether you lose weight, lose inches, decrease body fat percentage… why do we continue to spend a majority of our time focusing on other factors that yield the smallest differences in our results? I understand we all have different lifestyles, our stress loads vary and sometimes we just can’t make it to the gym or do something active for the day. Okay you’re right… you can’t always control what obstacles life throws at you, but you can control what foods you consume on a daily basis.

Wondering where to start?… First, you need to understand that there is no one size fits all program. Our bodies’ metabolisms are not the same. Individually, we are genetically built different and we each require various amount of calories per day to keep us functioning optimally. In addition, we often do not consume enough calories to maintain energy balance, which in turn slows down our metabolism. Making it almost impossible to lose weight and keep it off. That is why it is imperative to design a meal plan that works for you and keeps you progressing towards your fitness goals. Working with a coach, who has the knowledge and experience, to design a customized nutrition program can make all the difference in your results. If you’re ready to break through your plateau and start progressing towards your fitness goals click the link below to get started.

Jason Rudnick

Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology
10+ years of transforming lives
Support & Health Coaching
ACE Certified Personal Trainer
Precision Nutrition

How It Works

We do an initial weigh in and take pictures before starting the 30 day challenge. We set your goal weight (8% loss of body weight) for the challenge and re-evaluate at the end of the 30 days. (For example, if you start the challenge weighing in at 150 pounds, all you would need to lose is 12 pounds to get ALL OF YOUR MONEY back) Whats better than that? Coaching, nutrition counseling and workouts all provided for you to help you get results. All you have to do is commit for 30 days to change your life!

M8F Boot Camp Package

  • Starts Monday, January 14th, 2019
  • Reach your goal & get money back
  • Nutrition plan
  • Classes 3 days/wk (Mon/Wed/Fri)
    2 classes/day (5:30am, 6:00am)
    Class times are subject to change and additional classes may be added based on registrants

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